About us


Sönke Bruhn Company is an old established timber trade company from Hamburg   and  started importing logs from Africa in the early 60's. 1988 our company realized a changement in range of goods. 

The owner Mr. Sönke Bruhn decided to gear the business to the im- and  and export of veneers and lumber of the most common african species. Since this time purchase and sales are guided by very personal contacts and recommendation of our satisfied customers.




On our new place, situated only some few meters from our previous location, we have since 2004 a sales area of abt. 3.000 m². A special feature is the integrated truck loading ramp in our storage which allows weather-independant loading and unloading operations.






The generous space of our halls enable us to stock for you constantly between 2,5 – 4 millions m²  of veneer. Especially at present time it is of great importance for us to can supply you with a great amount of species, qualities and veneer-thicknesses just in time.

New in our assortment: Teak-logs in saw- and veneer-quality. Besides we also offer a wide selection of 'african' carvings like vases, giraffes and elephants.




In our newly furnished 'showroom' we present our very special veneers like Mango, Makassar etc. as well as various types of figured veneers.

Our purchase department is organized directly over our african producers since many years. Our permanent presence in purchasing veneers and logs as well as the close contact  to our suppliers  guaranties an exact and customer-oriented agreement, which is very helpfull by special demands  and inquiries. When the pre-graded goods has arrived in our warehouse, they will sorted customized and offered. 
The exellent location Hamburg ensures a fast loading of goods in the whole world, while long-standing and close relationships to many shipping lines and forwarders are for our benefit.